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Restoration and Cleaning

Trinity Stained Glass can restore stained glass panels to near their original condition. The process includes separating the glass, resoldering, cement sealing and cleaning. We will closely match the color and chronological age of the glass whenever possible. Cleaning will help to restore the natural beauty of the artwork. We have restored historic stained glass made in the 1800s.

Damage Repair

Trinity Stained Glass can repair panels damaged by pollution, weather, vandalism, age, or animal waste. Repairs can add strength and stability, extending the stained glass panel life.

Trinity Stained Glass can seal the stained glass with an impact resistant polycarbonate shield protecting it from weather and vandalism. Aluminum vents allow airflow and prevent condensation, extending the life of the artwork.
Custom and New Designs
You will see the difference with work done by artists at Trinity Stained Glass. We can create custom stained glass designs limited only by your imagination, catered to your individual situation.Possible ideas include cabinet doors, back lighted wall panels, entry ways, room dividers, and lampshades. Lead, brass, zinc, and copper foil are among the methods we use.
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